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24 December, 2015

Periodisation: An Overview

Before I start this article, I just want to point out that this is a rather complex subject, and I will possibly be modifying this article in the future if my understanding of it changes further. So far, each year I coach I have learned more on this subject. I hope you learn a lot from this and put it to good use in your own coaching or training. Try to not skip parts, as all the information contained here is important, though take your time to get through it as it is around 9 pages long excluding references and images.… Click here to keep reading...

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17 September, 2015

Terms of Motion

The main focus of this article is to educate about terminology of various types of motion. This can help give you a deeper understanding of movement, and thereby hopefully improve your coaching, training, and possibly judging. One thing to keep in mind while coaching however, is that as a coach, you study hard and have a greater understanding than the athlete typically does. This means that although you might understand a lot of this terminology and use it to help your understanding of the movement, you will typically still need to use a lot more simplistic terms while explaining things for your athletes.… Click here to keep reading...

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