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26 January, 2016

Cartwheel & Round Off

There are several ways to perform a cartwheel, however I will mainly be looking at the hand placement technique and progression towards the round off. The cartwheel is a very influential skill however, as it is the base technique for the round off, and an easy method to assess a gymnasts optimal twisting direction for other skills. This skill is probably the first main twisting skill that a gymnast will learn, and once it has been ingrained into the gymnast, the way they twist here will affect every other twisting and turning skill they perform.… Click here to keep reading...

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28 August, 2015

Rolls – Forwards & Backwards

This first video covers the technique of the basic three roles. Forward and backward rolls in tuck, straddle, and pike.

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24 August, 2015


In this post I will be covering the technique that I look for in a handstand. I know articles are very wordy, but I struggle to find time to put together videos or photos. I will however do this one day when I have some spare time.

Technical Description

The basic handstand should start and finish in the same position. The gymnast should start in a stretched shape, then reach forwards into a lunge. (Shapes discussed are as shown HERE) The lunge should be at a 45 degree angle to maximise the reach into the handstand, then hands are placed onto the floor as the gymnast extends the back leg up into the handstand.… Click here to keep reading...

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