Acrobatic Arts

20 October, 2015

Parkour Skill List

Here we will look at the core of Parkour, along with some extension skills.
I will only cover some of the most common free-running skills as it is up to the free-runner on how to utilise, combine, or modify the skill. Your own creativity and physical capabilities are the main limit.

As parkour is about overcoming obstacles in natural and urban environments, this means the skills required to traverse these environments include things such as basic climbing technique, swimming, and running.

That said, most of us live and train in a more urban environment, so this is the area I will focus on. A lot of the techniques developed for the more urban environments can be adapted and used in the more natural environments as well.

Here is the skill list;

Running Technique
Basic Parkour Vaults Common Free-Running Vaults
  1. Step Through
  2. Turn Vault
  3. Speed Vault
  4. Lazy Vault
  5. Dash Vault
  6. Cat Pass
  1. Reverse Step-Through
  2. Thief Vault
  3. Kash Vault
  4. Shoulder Roll
  5. Double Cat
  6. 360
Basic Parkour Landing Techniques
  1. Precision
  2. Crane
  3. Arm Jump
  4. Safety Tap
  5. PK Roll
Basic Parkour Bar Techniques Common Free-Funning Bar Techniques
  1. Lache
  2. Circle-up
  3. Underbar
  1. Kip
  2. Reverse Underbar
Basic Parkour Wall Techniques
  1. Wall Run
  2. Climb Up
  3. Tac
  4. Dyno