Acrobatic Arts


Photography Notice / Disclaimer

The majority of the photos which I will be presenting on here, if not all of them, are taken at gymnastic competitions which are public events, held in a public place. Also, I generally do the photographs for the Invercargill Gymnastic Club.
As part of the standard GSNZ membership form, there is a clause saying permission is given for photos to be taken, as well as the fact that photography and film are entirely legal in public places.

This being said, if your child was at an event or you see a photograph or a few photographs of your child here that you would like removed, then please tell me and I will be more than happy to do so for you.

Please note that this is a hobby, not a business. I do it because it is something I enjoy, not something I intend to make a profit from. Any money gained from here will generally either go towards the costs of running this site, or potentially as a donation towards better camera equipment.

Acrobatic Techniques Disclaimer

There are dangers involved in acrobatics, as with all physical activities. Attempting anything you see on this website is done at your own risk!
I strongly advise you to listen to advise from your own coach or instructor. Techniques and other things shown on here are my own personal views and opinions. There are many variations of techniques, some better than others, and some simply different, or with other benefits.

If anything on here conflicts with something you are being taught by your own coach or instructor, discuss it with them first, as there may be reasons they have asked you to perform a skill differently.

I ask that you respect your coaches or instructors, respect your environment and equipment, and always train safely. Do not attempt skills or techniques that you are not adequately prepared for. Serious injury may occur! Rather train slow and last, than try to progress fast and get injured.