Acrobatic Arts



I have started this website because of my passion for acrobatics.
I have several aspects of acrobatics that I really enjoy and this seemed to be a good way to join it together.


My interest in acrobatics began in 1998. I started in men’s competitive artistic gymnastics, and kept at it. I didn’t always get the best learning opportunities, and was restricted in how many hours I was able to train, making it rather tough to train at higher levels. I became interested in Parkour and Free-Running in 2006, and started to train a bit, at first on my own, and then later with some friends.

The last time I competed in gymnastics was in 2007, I was simply too busy to be able to dedicate enough time to train at the levels I wanted to. Instead of stopping entirely, I started up an adult class at our gym, and started to explore other areas of acrobatics.

To this day, I am still coaching, judging, as well as enjoying being able to do acrobatics for fun. I have had several injuries over the years, but it has taught me how valuable it is to train carefully. I hope to still be doing acrobatics much, much, later in life. :)


This website evolved from another idea that I had. I always struggle to find an extensive coach’s resource for gymnastics. Most of the knowledge seems to be passed down from coach to coach.

My original idea was to create a website / database, where top coaches and judges from all around the world, could talk and collaborate their knowledge. We would cover every gymnastic skill, starting from the very basic and working our way up, putting together the information of how to perform the skills with the best biomechanical technique.

What is very important to me is also being able to say why certain things are to be done. e.g. Front layout with arms out to the side, what is the benefit? Why not arms to the hips?
Then, because all people are different, we would also include alternate techniques for the same skills.

Unfortunately, that is a massive project that would take a lot of effort, even if done slowly. So for now, I thought I would simply do my own part. I aim to help explain the skills and how the technique works.
However, if you do happen to be a top coach or judge, and are interested in helping with a big collaboration project like I mentioned earlier…. By all means, please contact me. :)