Acrobatic Arts

2016 NZ Gymsports Championships

Photos taken at the 2016 NZ GymSports Championships will be uploaded here as they get sorted. Because I will be extremely busy during the entire event it may take quite a while before images finally We have now sorted all the images into their codes of MAG, TRA, & WAG.
There are 6,200 images of MAG to sort through, 13,500 images of TRA, and 7,200 of WAG. Once you add them all together and include the extra images taken during podium training, and other ceremonies, we took a grand total of 30,500 images during the event.
Please do excuse us if it takes a couple of weeks to get them all fully online. Its going to be a very long sorting and elimination process. 

We will have some really good deals for large orders coming up later so keep your eye out for that as those deals will be limited to first come first serve. 🙂


All images will be $15 per image.