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Acrobatic Arts


  • Cartwheel & Round Off

    There are several ways to perform a cartwheel, however I will mainly be looking at the hand placement technique and progression towards the round off. The cartwheel is a very influential skill however, as it is the base technique for the round off, and an easy method to assess a gymnasts optimal twisting direction for ... Read more...
  • Rolls – Forwards & Backwards

    This first video covers the technique of the basic three roles. Forward and backward rolls in tuck, straddle, and pike. Read more...
  • Handstands

    In this post I will be covering the technique that I look for in a handstand. I know articles are very wordy, but I struggle to find time to put together videos or photos. I will however do this one day when I have some spare time. Technical Description The basic handstand should start and finish in ... Read more...

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